About us

Who we are? We are a team of dedicated motorhomers who embarked on our own journey, inspired by our personal experiences on the road. Our passion for exploration and adventure led us to create aTerraLiberty, a project aimed at revolutionizing the motorhome community.

At aTerraLiberty, safety is our top priority. We understand the importance of feeling secure and protected while on the road. That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with local councils and law enforcement authorities across various countries to establish SAFE locations for us and for community members to enjoy our lifestyle without worry.

aTerraLiberty is more than just about safety; it’s about building TOGETHER a safe and inclusive community for all of us. Whether you’re a motorhomer, a vanlifer, or anyone else embracing life on the road, we welcome you with open arms. Our mission is to cultivate a robust motorhome community where support and camaraderie thrive, regardless of the vehicle you call home.

Whether you’re seeking travel tips, looking for companions on the road, or simply craving a sense of belonging, aTerraLiberty is here for you. Join us as we build a community where everyone is there for one another, creating a network of support and friendship that enhances the motorhome and vanlife experience for all. Welcome to aTerraLiberty, where the road is yours to explore with confidence and peace of mind.